Assurena Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage agency that carries some of the best coverage options in the entire New USA.

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You are one step way to secure life of your loved ones

Guarantee that your friends and family can partake in your home perpetually with contract security protection. You have to the point of stressing over. Allow us to mark extra security off your daily agenda.

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About eAdvisorPro

Life is not about just living it should be Wonderful

We are a truly independent insurance agency – we don’t represent nor favor any particular carrier, therefore we will always be able to provide you with the coverage you deserve at the minimum out-of-pocket expenses! We work with more than 30 top-rated insurance companies to get you the best rates. Let us do the work in finding you the most suitable insurance policy and save you time and money.

Why We Are The Best?

We are experts and know that an advisor pro is a different group of experts committed to making a superior encounter for anybody who needs life coverage. We let our clients let us know what’s critical to them, and afterward utilize present-day innovation to address those requirements.

Protect you For better Futures

An Insurance Policy that Cares


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    Safe & Secure for a better tomorrow

    Each type of life insurance is designed to meet different needs. Get more details about what’s included in each option to understand which may be right for you and your family. Let eAdvisorPro help you every step on the way!

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      Safety and Peace of Mind with eAdvisorPro

      Not all losses can be covered, but if you do the right thing at the right time, you can change the game. Home and car insurance not only protects your two most precious assets, but also your financial responsibility. So, are you willing to handle accidents?

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        A Special Thanks to Valued Employee

        With our employee benefits package, your employees will feel rewarded and valued for the work they do. Support for your employee’s family, health and future will help to retain the best talent. If you want your enterprise to grow, invest in systems, invest in your EMPLOYEES.

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          Buy auto insurance online.

          Let us guide you to a better future.

          You have goals, but no financial planning. Now that sounds risky. Let us be your guide so you can sail through life smoothly. With better financial planning, you can have increased savings, a better standard of life, and most of all, you will have peace of mind.

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            Buy travel insurance online.

            Manage your wealth wisely

            With more than 15 years of experience, we take pride in providing remarkable service to our clients to help them sort out their finances. Our wealth managers have extraordinary skills that help them understand client’s obligations and financial goals, which help them formulate financial strategies for you.

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            Protect you For better Futures

            An Insurance Policy that Cares

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